Unnecessary Car Maintenance Procedures

Car owners usually complain about the high cost of car maintenance. Some who want to keep their cars for as long as they can usually have to deal with such expenses for certain car maintenance procedures. Most people usually depend on what the mechanics may say or recommend.

But there are times when certain car maintenance procedures may not be that necessary for cars in order to stay in good running condition. Some of these procedures may be considered as common ones that many think all cars should go through on a regular basis. Such procedures may mean nothing more than just additional costs that only serve to burn into your pockets. Here are some of those common but unnecessary car maintenance procedures that you should know about.

Engine Flush

An engine flush tries to get rid of sludge that may have accumulated inside your engine. Such procedures usually cost from $ 100-$ 200. This procedure uses a machine and chemicals to break the sludge deposits loose. But engine flushes are not considered as a normal maintenance procedure if you have always taken care of your car engine. Changing oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendation of your car would usually do better in keeping your car engine in good condition.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

This procedure can cost the car owner from $ 125 to $ 200. It aims to clean the upper engine of carbon deposits that may affect fuel economy. But this procedure is something that car owners need not do on a yearly basis on their cars. Such procedures however may be needed for cars that have gone through 35,000 miles.

Gas Savers

So-called gas savers may be probably one of those products so highly marketed but fail to live up to the hype. They can cost from $ 10 to $ 400, quite an expense despite such product being ineffective. Worse, they might even affect engine performance that can even hurt the car owner in the long run.

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